Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Custom Made Wedding Dresses and replica wedding dresses in any size and any colour...... and in double quick time! MADE WEDDING DRESSES UK ENQUIRY

We want your day to be just perfect so don't panic if you cannot find your perfect wedding dress in a retail outlet! Or, if you have found your ideal dress but with an unaffordable price tag, do not despair! We would be delighted to quote to produce a stunning copy and we can incorporate any changes that you might like to make to the original design. MADE WEDDING DRESSES UK ENQUIRY

We specialise in producing affordable replicas of haute couture wedding gowns: ideal for the bride who is on a budget but still wants to look expensive on her special day! We will aim to reproduce the original design as faithfully as possible and if there are any elements of the original that are especially complicated or unusual that we feel we will not be able to replicate, we will advise.

Just email us pictures or a web link and we will get back to you with our price, often a fraction of the cost of the original. As well as custom made wedding dresses, we also also produce custom made bridesmaid dresses. And remember, we can alter any aspect of the wedding dress design.......


So, if the style is near perfect but you want a longer or shorter train, wish to add sleeves or straps, change the nature of the decoration on the wedding dress or add, take away or amend any other element of the design just let us know. MADE WEDDING DRESSES UK ENQUIRY

If you wish to have a custom made wedding dress or a replica wedding dress it is very simple!

  • From a picture you have found in either a magazine or on the internet please EMAIL the design or a web link to us along with any changes you wish to make.
  • We will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and a timescale. During working hours, we will usually respond within 2-3 hours or if we are already familar with the style, within 1 HOUR!
  • Where you are requesting variations to an existing design, we will happily prepare photo visuals so that you can better envisage the wedding dress in its intended glory!
  • Then all you have to do is give us your measurements and soon enough your dream wedding dress will be on its way!

Measurements we need for Custom Made Wedding Dresses.....

Custom Made Wedding Dresses UK Tape-2.jpg

The prices quoted for our Custom Made Wedding Dresses include our fully 'Made to Measure' service. Find out details of the measurements that we need for Custom Made Wedding Dresses and advice on how to take them by CLICKING HERE .

If you prefer to opt for a standard size, that is fine but please refer to our 'Standard' sizes on our SIZE GUIDEas the standard can vary substantially from retailer to retailer. If you are close to a standard size but wish to vary any of the elements, e.g. a standard 10 but with shoulder to hem of 58", simply detail the variation(s) in the 'Order and Delivery Comments' field when checking out.


Examples of Custom Made Wedding Dresses.....

Click here to see some examples of recent custom made wedding dresses. When customers are interested in having a custom made wedding dress or a replica of a designer wedding dress made, one of the first and most obvious questions is 'how similar will the dress be to the original'. 
We have sufficient confidence in our production to suggest that when the original dress and the production version are viewed in like-for-like conditions, that is the same size of dress on the same model with the same lighting and backdrop, that the two will be almost indistinguishable. Unless there is something especially complicated or unusual in a design, we are usually confident that we can produce a faithful copy. If there is any aspect of a design that we feel we will not be able to recreate, we will advise.